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How Your Dog Owning Home Can Be Kept Immaculate on a Budget


When our homes are in total chaos, life can seem pretty harder. And while we adore our pups, they cannot understand the importance of a tidy house. Thankfully, with the right products, we can keep our properties clean without chewing up our budgets.


Keep Carpets Clean


Whether it's carpeting or your favorite rug, dogs can be oblivious to their impact on fabrics. From chewing to fur and other issues, they can easily wear down our flooring. To prevent messes, wipe down your pup’s paws before they enter the home after a walk, and invest in a set of dog-grooming clippers and groom them regularly to keep excess fur from shedding. Vacuum your carpet weekly to stop buildup from occurring, and use deterrents to discourage your dog from being overly familiar with your rugs. You can use a premade product, or you can make one yourself from white vinegar and orange essential oil. Many dogs dislike these two smells and will give whatever you spray a wide berth.


Freshen Your Air


One of the less glamorous aspects of dog ownership is the smell that often comes with it. However, just because Fido adores strong scents doesn't mean we have to live in them. Instead, look to natural remedies to freshen up the air in your home, such as keeping windows open when you can or adding nontoxic plants to filter the air. To get a lot of the dander out of your home and hopefully improve allergies or asthma, you can get an inexpensive air purifier for your house. Just be sure that it comes with a True HEPA filter to get the most allergens out of the air you and your family breathe.


Removing Odors


For tough, stubborn odors that won't dissipate, even with filters, you can mix vinegar, baking soda, and peroxide to create your own spray. Soak the area, allow it to dry into a powder, then clean up the remains to see, and smell, the results. To prevent your pet from associating certain parts of the home with business time, you can use the aforementioned spray but also practice good potty habits. As a rule of thumb, dogs usually go to the bathroom three to five times a day. If you make them wait until you return from work, you may be setting you and your pooch up for failure. Instead, consider having a dog walker (a 30-minute walk likely will cost around $20) or a trusted friend to stop by and let them out for relief on days when you’ll be gone for a full eight hours.


Fight Stains


Dogs can leave all kinds of stains in their wake, from accidents to saliva being flung everywhere. When dealing with urine, enzymatic cleaners are the best not only to remove tricky proteins that could otherwise be left behind but to prevent repeat mishaps. For other stains, such as vomit or saliva, use your vinegar and baking soda mixture, or even Oxiclean and dish soap. Scrape off as much of the stain as possible, then allow the solution to sit until it dries. Once it has, you can remove the excess and see if you need a repeat treatment. If you absolutely can’t remove the stain, you may need to call in a carpet-cleaning service. Carpet cleaners in Boerne generally charge $131 - $223 per job.


Dog-Friendly Products


It's good to remember that some cleaning agents can be toxic and harmful to our beloved pets. As mentioned, there are items around your kitchen that you can use to clean up messes as they happen. In fact, there are numerous specialty products that can be effective tools, such as microfiber dusters, chemical-free cleaning sprays, and even safe-for-pet floor cleaners. Nevertheless, don't simply buy something that sounds good, but give yourself peace of mind by going online to make use of reviews and guides, not to mention product comparisons and recommendations. This way, your property is clean, and also safe, for you and your pooch.


Don’t let the mess bring you down. Instead, use animal-friendly products to clear up accidents and prevent stains from setting in. With a bit of elbow grease and a lot of love, you both can have a relaxing and tidy atmosphere.


















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