Contract for Fostering a Stray or Owner Surrender Pet


By electronically signing this contract, you surrender full ownership of your pet to Charming Pet Rescue. 


If your family, neighbor, coworker, etc wants to adopt the pet, they must adhere to our procedures, which is first an application, second approval, and third our adoption fee. Under no circumstances am I permitted to give the dog away. If you find this unfair, we respect that, and you are welcome to go find help elsewhere.  


What if you have already paid for the vetting of the pet? The spay/neuter, heart worm test, microchip, rabies, DHLPP/FeLV and Bordetella? Does Charming Pet Rescue still get the adoption fee? The answer is yes, and the reason is because we are a 501c3 rescue and we have operating procedures in play that we do not have wiggle room with. If we post a pet on our website,, your pet gets the access to being seen by thousands of people searching for a family pet with our reputable rescue. We are spending our time reviewing applications and making sure your pet is only going to the best of the best of homes. So if you’ve already done all of this on your dime, that’s awesome! We need all of the donations we can get—rescue is an expensive labor of love, and you can think of the adoption fee as a donation to the rescue. If you have not had all of these things done, we can help you complete the vetting through our vets. All of our pets leave with all of the things mentioned above.  

If you violate this policy, Charming Pet Rescue holds the right to come seize your pet with the Authorities, as this contract serves as an owner surrender. Unfortunately, in Texas, pets are considered property, stealing a pet is a felony equivalent to stealing a car.  

If you decide you want to adopt the pet, that is possible, just please contact us and let us know ASAP and not when we’ve finally found a perfect match.  


As they say, one bad apple ruins the bunch.  We’ve been kind and helped people out in these situations and it’s turned out poorly for the rescue.  It’s become necessary to create a contract.  


We do recognize the work and effort that it is to hold onto a stray while a forever home is located and to foster your own dog when life take unexpected turns, and we appreciate your willingness to do so!

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.