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Updated: May 2, 2019

With over 25,000 dogs brought into Animal Care Services in San Antonio alone, your involvement with creating change is more important than ever.

Getting involved is easy and there are many ways to do it! Below is a list of ideas and what benefits each one offers:

A) Volunteer at Animal Care Services (the pound)

Volunteering at Animal Care Services in a large city or a small town you will be able to witness the different types of animals and people that these centers must deal with. Most people think that Animal Care is a big mean guy grabbing An animal with a rope on the end of a pole. This is NOT the reality of most cases. Animal Care deals with retrieving dead animals from roadways, investigating illegal back yard breeders and hoarders that have hundreds of starving dogs that receive no human contact and live in tiny cages their whole life, investigating cruelty cases that are so extreme it makes them vimit and/or cry, dealing with owners who decided that owning a dog is too much trouble and they want to turn them in to the shelter, plus many, many more issues. Being an Animal Control Officer is no easy task and takes its toll on even the toughest of people.

B) Volunteer at a local animal rescues

Volunteering at a local animal rescue is dirty, tiring and completely heartwarming. Most rescues take in dogs that are on Animal Care Services euthanization list (last chance for the animal), stray animals where no owner can be found, owner surrenders due to many reasons and abused/neglected animals through seizures initiated by Animal Care Services. Volunteering can include the joyous job of scooping poop (lol), cleaning cages, building kennels, feeding and watering the animals and/or just giving the animals attention and affection to help them become more socialized and increase their chances of finding a perfect home.

C) Donate money or items to a registered

510(c)3 rescue

Nonprofit status can be verified through searching for the nonprofit name at this organization has registered nonprofits listed with their mission, financial status, board members and more. Most donations to a nonprofit can be deducted from your taxes. If you transport animals to/from rescue, veterinarian offices, out-of-state transport vans, etc. your mileage can also be deducted at the current rate of $.14 per mile (circa 2019). donations Can also include pet good, blankets, crates, blankets, animal formula, bottles and many more items that can also be deducted at current value.

D) Spread the word about the benefits of spay/neuter surgery for animal health and reducing unwanted litters

Spay/Neuter programs are key to reducing overpopulation of Pets, which means less animals at Animal Care Services. So many owners do not realize how young an animal can be to reproduce, that an unaltered male will do everything in its power to escape and find a female in heat that is miles away And that spay/neuter surgery calms most animals down and can prevent many types of cancer that cause an early death. Spreading the word about free/low cost spay neuter clinics, free/low cost spay/neuter veterinarians and other special offers via social media is a huge help. So many pet owners don’t know that there are alternatives to a veterinarian providing the same service but charging hundreds of dollars.

Most any res he would welcome any of the help above. Even if you can provide transportation to a veterinarian once a month is a huge and welcome service! If you are in, or near, the San Antonio, TX area, Charming Pet Rescue would welcome any time you have to offer. Of course, vet bills and supplies are not cheap and all cash donations are more than welcome!

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