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Alfie is a wonderful and loving adult cat.  He wandered up to the perfect house looking for some love and some grub.  His finders contacted the rescue and fortunate enough, we were able to take him in. No more life on the streets for this guy.


Alfie has a playful side as well.  He will play with toys with you.  He likes balls and feather toys.  Most of all though, Alfie loves canned cat food and treats.  If you want to win him over in an instant, that is the way to his heart.  That and head scratches and he will be yours forever.


This boy is 100 percent love bug.  He loves head scratches and purrs to get them.  While the other cats may hiss, not this boy.  All he wants is to sit in the window or your lap and get as much attention as he can.  This guy knows that his forever family is out there just waiting to meet him.  Come by and meet this gentle giant today.

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