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Amy is the most adorable, loveable, dare devil there is! She will run to greet you every time you walk into the room, loves to be held like a baby, purring the second you pick her up, and will hold your face and give you kisses.


Amy would need a feline friend to help her be her best self. Amy has a lot of energy and enjoys rough play so she will need a patient friend (preferably one who is bigger then her and can match and perhaps temper her play style to take the crazy down a notch).  Amy is an endlessly curious, fearless girl with the full Tortie-tude energy.


Her curiosity got her into a little scrape before she was found and she had a pretty big injury to her back foot. She's all healed up now and has the cutest little three-toed foot, which we think adds to her unique charm but has not slowed her down for one moment. Amy loves to cuddle with her people and her feline friends, has learned to tolerate cat-friendly dogs, and is looking for a home with lots of climbing possibilities and adventures!


I've never seen her back down from a challenge or run in fear from anything. She doesn't do anything in life in half measures and is looking for people who will cherish her for her crazy, adventure-loving, affectionate self!

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