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Bandit III

Bandit III


This little cutie is named bandit because he steals hearts.   Somehow he was seperated from his gang of outlaws and found himself in the care of his loving foster.  She sent us his diary from his "incarceration".  LOL.

Day 1-3: I’m under quarantine and everything scares me. I’m mostly afraid of Crocs. I’m eating canned and dry food but the canned food upsets my stomach so I prefer dry only. I keep sticking my whole nose in my water, but I’m learning not to do that. I use my litter box like a champ. I can hide really good and meow super loud to let my foster family know I’m here but they have to work to see me.

Day 4: I got a new, tall toy to scratch and climb on. I still hide when someone comes in but then eventually I sneak out to check who it is. I met a chicken today, I hissed at it to make it run away but then I watched it a long time and I’m not sure if maybe we could be friends.

Day 5: still under quarantine, sigh. I’m less scared and am running around my room and playing with my toys. I got to watch the chickens again and stalk through grass like a big cat. Crocs are the worst.

This little "criminal" is just waiting for you.

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