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Age 6 months

Weight 32lbs

Location foster

Meet Betsy!

Hi, I’m Betsy! I am the tiniest of my litter, but where I lack size, I make up in personality! I am spunky and cute, and I love to play in the yard. When I get zoomies, I can show you the speed of a cheetah! I have the sweetest face, and my foster mom thinks my ears are adorable because they really move around to reflect my mood. They are up high when I am curious and playful, and droopy and pushed back when I’m sleepy.

I really like to crunch sticks and play with other pups of all sizes. I love treats and fresh veggies. I’m getting pretty comfortable with a kennel, and I’m learning to signal when I need to go outside. I already know how to sit, and I’m constantly working to learn new commands.

I can’t wait to meet you! We are going to have so much fun together!

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