My name is Betty Boop!

I’m super cute, as you can see; my Fama says it’s my gentle face that makes her weak at the knees. I’m not just a pretty face though, I’m sweet, gentle and very smart! Only took me two days to learn the ways of the peepad. I love being with humans; don’t like going to the bathroom alone? No problem, I’ll follow you in and hop up on your lap! 🤣 I’m a very dainty little princess with legs for days. I do know sit, down and I’m working on stay. I love my crinkle toys and chasing my ball!

I will spend hours curled up in your lap while you work or watch tv. Plus, what’s more calming than petting my velvet coat!? Please, won’t you take me home and share your bed with me?


3 months old

10 lbs

Crate trained

First round of shots completed

Betty Boop

Excluding Sales Tax