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Captain Jack

Captain Jack


Captain Jack is a loving Momma's boy, he was named Captain Jack because he is a fighter, and he could not have survived without Parrot his loyal sister who never leaves his side. Jack required tube feeding, hourly fluids, and medications. He was lifeless when he came to Charming, but pulled through and is now thriving, he has a special bond with people as he recognizes they saved him. Jack was so small and sick he lived his first 4 days in a sock in his foster mom's shirt, so she could make sure he was alive. Today, he is litter box trained and transitioning to dry food right along with his sister, but still prefers to be right under your chin purring away and burrowing his little head on your neck.

Both Captain Jack and Parrot will run to see you and want to be close. You will be their jungle gym, best friend, and safe place for years to come. It would be amazing for these two to stay together as they have suffered the worst of life together and made it through.

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