CeeCee was one of many dogs living on their own south of San Antonio, surviving on whatever food, scraps and trash that people would leave. There is a pond nearby where the dogs could drink from. These dogs were dubbed “The Mattress Dogs” because someone had dumped an old mattress and they used it to sleep on. CeeCee was very pregnant and on Jan 18th she delivered nine puppies in literally a bamboo forest near the pond with no other shelter.  We knew that a cold front was arriving the following day withs temps forecasted to be in the 20’s, the clock was running and we knew that the pups would not survive if we didn’t rescue that day.  After several hours of cutting a path in the bamboo to reach them, CeeCee and her pups were all rescued!

CeeCee had been living on her own for sometime because at first she was very unsure of humans and unfamiliar with being indoors. She was very hesitant coming indoors and had to be coaxed in and out with treats!  After spending time with her, she now is more comfortable with coming in and out of the house.  She wags her tail constantly, loves belly rubs and back scratches! She’s a very happy girl!!

CeeCee is approximately 4 years old and 30

pounds.  She needs someone that has patience and will take the time to build her trust and bond with her.  She does great with other dogs, is 100% house trained!  CeeCee is being trained on walking on a leash and is progressing very well.  She does love being outside but is starting to enjoy the indoors especially in bad weather (She figured that out real quick)!  She has not been exposed to children.  

If you have a special place in your heart and home, you may want to consider giving this sweet girl her forever home!