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Age: 6 months (DOB: 10/31/23)

Weight: 44 pounds

Location: Foster


Meet Corio, the charismatic ringleader of his furry friends! This brave and focused 6-month-old pup is a true dynamo, always ready for playtime and adventure. With his sharp intelligence and quick responsiveness, Corio is not only a joy to play with but also a breeze to train. He's already mastered the art of signaling when he needs to go outside to potty, a testament to his cleverness and eagerness to learn. While his mom was a heeler, his dad remains a mystery. Weighing in at a sturdy 44 pounds, Corio is a bundle of happiness just waiting to bring joy to his forever family.

He’s crate trained, sleeps 8+ hours a night, has great manners with meal time and loves ice cubes! He knows basic commands and learns quickly. Corio does really well with leash walking and is starting to learn tricks! Are you ready to welcome this delightful pup into your home?

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