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Age: 4 months

Weight: 24 pounds

Location: Foster


Finnick is a lovable 4-month-old pup with a penchant for snuggles! This little guy is a playful and bright companion, always ready for a game or a cuddle session. Finnick is quick on the uptake and has already learned to signal when he needs to go outside to potty, a testament to his intelligence and eagerness to please. While his mother was a heeler, the identity of his father remains a mystery, adding a touch of intrigue to his lineage. Weighing in at a charming 24 pounds, Finnick is a bundle of joy waiting to bring happiness to his forever family!

He’s crate trained, sleeps 8+ hours a night, has great manners with meal time and loves ice cubes! He knows basic commands and learns quickly. Finnick will snuggle all your stress away!

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