Forte is reserved for someone who needs a Chronic Pain Companion.

What is the purpose of a CPC?

This is based on foster’s personal experience: I suffer from Fibromyalgia (primary illness), Optic Migraine, Scoliosis, Degenerate Disc Disease, Vertigo, TMJ (modern day lockjaw), Raynaud's Phenomenon, and Allodynia (meaning everything is painful by touch), Costochronditis (meaning ribcage on fire).

My first CPC is with my personal cat she was able to detect a flare up and came to me to cool down the flare, which worked a lot better than medications. Better than the salon patch, the TENS Unit (sending pulse signals to tell the nerves to relax). My CPC just made it all better instead of being bedridden all day, over medicated, and non functional.

The purpose of a CPC is to help the chronic patient to heal without being prescribed on more medication which will do more damage in the long run. Think of it this way with everything you enter in your body it can either boost your system or filter it in a way to keep you stable until your organs say I give up I can't filter this in the body it's too much. So I will shut down and force you to try something else when that medication will restart the process over and it may happen again.

To clarify medications do work at a continual basis but when mixing them over time let's say you start off being prescribed 10 different medications now it's later in the time frame now you're being prescribed 20 different medications and your whole dinning room table or kitchen counter is just medications, supplements, therapy patches, heat packs, ice packs. And you're basically now you're your own drug pharmacy when all you want to do is just live a functional life when all you're really doing is playing the survival game, being isolated from the world, not having a social life, not being able to enjoy what life has to give you. No one should live like this.

How are they different from Emotional Support Animals?

A CPC has this amazing ability to sense when your body is attacking you and you have no way to call for help, get into a hospital to get sedated and as you're sedated your body will continue to attack you like you're having a seizure. That chronic patient has lost their battle to their flare up, their ability to win another day and if they are awake and alert they wish to die because it's too painful to bare. If you have seen the pain scale that goes from one to ten. For a CP their scale is a 15.

This is how Forte comes to play. I was home resting after doing what was needed to be done on the weekend. My flare up decided to disable me, and this is for Fibromyalgia—to describe in my Fibromyalgia version my body lights itself on fire and electrocutes itself. So imagine being on fire on the bones and your organs are being shocked and you can't do a single thing about it but hide underneath the sheets and want to cry and hope you can sleep it off when in reality you can't get a peaceful sleep your body will continue to attack itself through the nervous system and receptors. You're having a sleep seizure, you're still there but not really. Forte was the only one who could detect it out of all the other fosters, he did his job by coming to me and working his magic by sending a different kind of purr like a frequency pulse. And within 10 minutes my flare up went from a 15 to a 5. He is my little CPC champion.

Not every single kitten has this ability. It's like a 1 to 15 ratio for a kitten to have this ability. And some of you may ask do they continue this ability? Yes they do because I have my own CPC and she is going to be 5 years old this year. Are they a specific color? No. Is it a specific gender? No. Are they bred like a breeder would do for their merchandise? NO!

How would I know? I HAVE RESCUED over 300 felines.

Who would be a suitable candidate? For those who have a medical documentation stating they suffer from multiple chronic conditions and want to have something like this to help them live the rest of their life. In my home, we specifically raise Emotional Support Animals. As for a CPC, once they are identified, they are reserved. And this is a rare occasion.

How can we find more CPCs? When a foster home has a foster parent who suffers from chronic conditions then they can be found and identified. A person who doesn't have any would not be able to and that foster would be placed in the wrong home for a purpose they were born with.

Is this a real thing? You have read my story, I do not play with people's medical needs because I have my own and I know exactly what it feels like. No one wants to suffer on the long road. They want to be able to function like everyone else but are in fear of judgement.

Are they a service animal? Some states they can be but we're in Texas so no. They will not have the same legal rights only to be listed as an ESA when they're really a CPC.

Will the CPC be considered as a legal term? I hope so in the future they need to be recognized by the ADA. As for now I want to help those find the right companion and live their life as they should functionally.

Are the fees waived? No, you're paying only for the alteration, and vaccinations, if they are chipped that could be included. They're not going to charge extra for the training, feeding or housing. Only for the vetting. What you can do is have a note by your primary care physician or specialist to have your pet addendum waived and pet fees. They're not considered a pet, they're helping you with your medical needs.


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