Remember this super star, Frosty?
He’s ready to find his forever home and will need a special person that understands trauma and knows he’s not going to change overnight. He will need patience, assurance, consistency, and maybe even some daily affirmations to help build his confidence. 

Frosty is very dedicated to his person. He wants someone he can be close with all day and he loves  to supervise your activities. He will alert you if someone is around that shouldn’t be. Most importantly, he just wants to make sure his person is safe.  He’s good with older kids and is cautious with some men, not all
He tolerates cats and dogs but doesn’t like his space invaded. If you want a dog to cuddle with your other pets, Frosty is not the one.  I think he could do well with other pets as long as he isn’t bullied or intimidated, or maybe he could be an only child, or the brother to another chi mix?

Frosty is potty trained AND also knows how to use pee pads if you’re gone for long periods of time.
Frosty thrives on a daily consistent schedule wether it’s food, sleep, or bathroom breaks. He can get sad if his person leaves the house so may howl for a few minutes but will calm down until you return, but LOVES seeing you walk through the door.

He will ask to go to bed by 9 and sleeps solid (in my bed). He’s only awakened me once in two months to go to the bathroom. He’s not a fan of being crated although his meals are served in the crate, and one of his many beds is in there so he will relax in one with his blankie.

This little guy is a super sweet morning pup and is the cutest as he wakes up to start his day. He’s playful, will dance around and bark, and will do circles as he’s getting ready for breakfast.
Even Frosty knows each day is a new day to start fresh and make each day better than the last.

Do you want to make Frosty your morning sunshine?