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I'm an all-black kitten with the most striking eyes you'll ever see—blue on the outside and green on the inside. At just 6-7 weeks old, I've already had quite the adventure. I was found all alone in someone's backyard, but luckily, they brought me to this awesome rescue.


I was a bit shy at first, but guess what? I've totally come out of my shell! I even showed some serious bravery when it came to bath time. Now, I'm a playful little guy who loves to romp around with my foster siblings. Food and treats are my absolute favorite things in the world. Seriously, I am one happy kitty with a full tummy.


You'll always know when I'm around because I have the goofiest sounding meow—it's my special way of saying, "Hey, pay attention to me!" And when you do, I'll reward you with the loudest, most legendary purrs you've ever heard.


My best friend in the whole wide world is my foster sibling Kate. We love to cuddle and spend quality time together, especially when the rest of the group is being rowdy. My ultimate dream? To get adopted with Kate, so we can keep our cuddle sessions going forever.


If you're looking for a kitten with a unique personality, goofy meows, and legendary purrs, I'm your guy. Come meet me, Galaxy, and see if we can make each other's dreams come true!


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