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Age: 10 years

Weight: 55 pounds

Location: Foster

Hello! My name is Gracey and I’m a 10 year old black lab. I weigh in at about 55 pounds, and I’m 18” high to the hip, so a little on the short stack side. But I am so full of love, snuggles and the zest of life.

You see after my folks passed away and I was very heartbroken, the rescue took me into their care. I have been receiving much needed TLC from my foster mom and dad. This has helped me adjust and know that I can find the love of my own family again! They tell me that I am doing very good! So, this is what I heard them saying:


SHE LOVES HER PEOPLE—great with women, men, kids, She wants to be “your girl” no matter the activity: working in yard, running errands, watching TV—she sits beside you, on you (often thinks she is a small lap dog), or just be close. She’s super gentle and loving. Her eyes are incredibly soulful. They will melt your heart as she snuggles in with that look.


“My STAR qualities”

Listens and follows basic commands, comes when called, completely house trained and excellent house manners, gently accepts treats handed to her, ok with crating, doesn’t jump up on people, loves to go for slow walks and does well on a leash, rides well in the car and always ready to go. She likes the front seat so she won’t miss a thing, barks only to alert, sleeps all night on her doggie bed quietly, keeps the doggie door swinging as she loves to be outside on the patio sunbathing.


“Things I’m working on”

My girlish physique, daily walks & healthy diet, so I can remain a healthy senior.


I am learning to share love and attention with my foster fur siblings. When I am around other fur babies my alpha traits come out, so I’d prefer a home of my own. I’m not really good at sharing the love and space. My foster family is helping me make good choices with boundaries.  


I am low to medium energy and it doesn’t take much to make my tail go crazy and my eyes sparkle. Are you ready to for me to join your family for my golden years? Go ahead, reach out and let’s meet!

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