Meet Joy! Joy is a boxer mix that was rescued along with her six puppies. She was a wonderful mother and they have all been adopted. Now it is Joy’s turn to find a home! Joy is an excellent family dog she loves kids she is good with men and women and will warm up to your friends after she tries to bite a chunk out of their ass. ❤️

Joy is not initially good with people that she does not know but warms up with a proper introduction. She will not tolerate strangers walking into the yard unannounced and will need to be monitored or the newcomer escorted into the yard by a family member. Joy is housebroken and crate trained although she sleeps beautifully on the floor in the bedroom on a comfy dog bed. Joy is about eight years old and is a very quiet calm girl, unless you are an intruder. Again, Joy is an excellent family dog and is one of my favorites!



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