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Age: 7 years

Weight: 40 pounds

Location: Foster

Sweet Juniper is extremely mellow. She likes to sleep a lot. Basically she sleeps, wakes up and eats, goes potty and then goes back to sleep. When it is time to eat, she does the cutest little pony dance. She absolutely loves food. She is still skittish, but wants to learn to trust you with her heart. She would do best in a quiet home. She might dart through the door, primarily back inside to her favorite spot, so a secure home and yard will be important. She picked out her favorite chair on the first day and will go to it every time. I don’t think I’ve seen all of her personality yet, but she’s really easy and low maintenance. She’s great with dogs and cats and is house trained. She hasn’t barked once and I don’t think she will. I haven’t tried her on a leash. I think going out in the yard versus walking her is best in the beginning and maybe permanently. She is more of an observer than a participant. She’s perfectly happy watching the world move around her. If you are looking for a movie buddy, she is the best couch potato there is. Juniper is about 7 years old and weighs around 40 pounds. Hopefully she will find someone that will take their time discovering all the best parts of her. I adore her and I know you will too.

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