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DOB: around 5/10/24

Weight: 11 pounds

Location: Foster


If you're looking for a head start with a trained puppy, Kalea is your girl! Kalea is super smart and really enjoys training. Kalea loves hanging out with her foster brothers and has mastered sit long enough to get a photo. She will sit patiently for treats and wait her turn. She’s almost mastered down. She knows touch, and we are working on jump, paw, leave it and place. 😊 Kalea also knows her name, when she’s disappears playing and you call her she literally pops out of nowhere near you! Kalea is a 10 week old black lab mix. She’ll probably be about 45 pounds full grown. Apply to adopt on our website! She loves using the dog door especially when it means chasing Ryder when he has the zoomies 😂. She’s doing really well with potty training, she will either go on a potty pad or outside. Kalea also loves copying whatever Ryder is doing, because she thinks she’ll get treats for doing the same thing since Ryder’s getting rewarded for working on service dog tasks for me. She’s picking up down and also walking on a leash around the backyard. She is full of energy and extremely confident. Kalea is an adorable lab mix and 11 weeks old. We estimate she'll be 45-50 pounds full grown. She can’t wait to find her forever home and an amazing family eager to keep going with training since she enjoys it so much!

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