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Hi! I'm Kate! I'm an adorable tabby kitten with the cutest markings you'll ever see. My white front feet are adorned with the most charming brown spots, making me look like I'm wearing little socks! I'm very fuzzy, with the softest fur and striking blue eyes that will melt your heart.

My siblings and I had a rough start. We were found abandoned at the VA hospital in Kerrville, but thanks to a kind Samaritan, we were brought to Charming Pets, where we've been safe and loved ever since. Right now, I'm enjoying the comforts of a foster home while I wait for my forever family to find me.


I might act like a princess, but don't let that fool you—I eat like a champ and can keep up with my sisters in every way! While I enjoy chilling and watching the others play, I'm always ready for some fun and adventure when the mood strikes.

One thing you should know about me is that I'm very bonded to my sibling, Galaxy. We love hanging out together while our other siblings are busy playing. We're like two peas in a pod, and I'd be so happy if we could find a forever home together.


If you're looking for a relaxed, loving, and utterly adorable kitten to join your family, look no further. Come meet me, Kate, and see if I'm the purrfect fit for you!

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