Hi my name is Kelsey and I’m a laaaaaab mix? I’m about 5 months old and weigh around 20-25 pounds.  I’ve been here at the rescue for about 3 weeks and I’ve had my first 2 puppy shots and am awaiting my spay, which is soon! I really love my big dog friends here at Charming.  I have a few serogate “mama dogs” here that have really taken me under their wing.  We wrestle and play and then snuggle.  I love kids and love being inside the house, sleeping on those super big dog beds that the people sit on to watch TV, I think they are called potatoes?  Maybe? Or maybe it’s a couch? They are either couches or potatoes, either way, sign me up for a nap on the big dog bed! I’m ready for you to teach me all about “sitting” and “staying” and walking on a leash! Please remember, the average age of a shelter dog is a year old, so if you can’t HANDLE THISSSSSS, adopt a dog that won’t require all that I will as far as training, exercise and attention goes, lots of my friends here are SUPER boring like that! Please fill out an application on my website charmingpetrescue.org