Lily is a 7 year old, 70lbs, chocolate lab mix who is a lap dog at heart. Lily lived happily with three other dogs until their human passed away. While her pack was split up, she still lives with one of her sisters and a foster brother. She adores all people and is incredibly gentle with everyone she meets, including small/young children. She loves rough housing with her sister Brandy, playing fetch, chasing squirrels, lounging outside, and going for walks. She seriously loves walks, she does a happy dance at the front door every time we grab the leash! She is dog-friendly but needs slow introductions. She has not been formally cat tested but lunges and whines when we see cats on walks. She absolutely loves being pet and will often lean up against you or nudge your hand with her head for pets. She also loves cuddling and will try to curl up near your head, be your little spoon, or sit in your lap. She’s content to sleep at the foot of the bed or on the floor when she realizes she doesn’t fit but it won’t stop her from trying again later. She would be very happy as an only dog getting all the love or in a house with other dogs to play with. She is already housebroken and would be a perfect fit for anyone who wants a gentle love bug. She is food motivated and has learned sit very quickly! She is still working on her loose leash walking, down, and other commands but I have no doubt she’ll pick it up soon. She is spayed, heartworm negative, and up to date on all her vaccinations. She is ready to find her forever home and get all the pets from her new family



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