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Luna & Eclipse

Luna & Eclipse


Ages: 8 years

Weights: 74 & 85 pounds

Location: Foster

Meet Luna (female, black and tan shepherd) and Eclipse (male, black shepherd)!! These two are absolute dolls, they love people, kids, and other dogs. They enjoy relaxing next to their humans or playing with toys.

They are both recovering from ear infections, Eclipse has flea dermititis and is malnourished. They handle baths and getting their ears cleaned and taking medication great for their fosters.

They aren't big barkers, they are crate and house trained and know some commands. They would absolutely make an amazing addition to any family.

They are a bonded pair, and relied heavily on each other while roaming stray after being dumped by their owners. They truly need a happy ending, and deserve to know humans won't betray their trust again.

They are thriving in their foster home, ear infections are improving. Eclipse's hair is coming back, and his personality is coming out.

They are great with their fosters little senior dog, house trained, quiet, and 100% good dogs.

They are hard not to fall in love with.

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