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Meet Maddie, the enchanting tabby kitten ready to grace your home with her playful spirit and gentle heart. Maddie is a playful adventurer who loves zooming around the house with her favorite toys, showing off her agility and curiosity. While she can be a bit shy at first, her love for kids and adults quickly shines through once she feels comfortable.


Maddie isn't afraid to speak her mind – her melodious voice will let you know when it's mealtime or when she simply wants your attention. With her beautiful voice, she's sure to charm everyone she meets.


This regal kitten is eager to find a loving family who will treat her like the queen she is. Are you ready to open your heart and home to Maddie's playful antics and sweet purrs? Adopt Maddie today and discover the joy of having a loving companion who brightens every day with her presence.

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