Looking for a companion who wants to constantly be by your side?  Meet  Maverick!  This handsome fella is a sheppard mix around a year old and is  45-50 lbs and still growing!  He is going to be a big boy!  He loves his foster mom and follows her everywhere, always wanting to be at her feet and by her side.  He loves playing with other dogs and is submissive to the cat.  He is a fun loving guy who aims to please!  Maverick is potty trained, doing ok with crate training, (he is reluctant to get in, however he eventually settles in)  walks good on a leash and enjoys car rides!  He is a young boy with quite a bit of puppy energy so it does him some good to have daily playtime or go for a good long walk.  He really enjoys the doggie swimming pool too!  After some fun, Maverick enjoys chilling out and snuggling on the couch with his people.  He enjoys belly and head rubs.  He has been working on learning his manners and learning not to mouth.  He'll be a well mannered young man with continued and consistent teaching and training.  Maverick is a very smart boy and learns quickly!  He has a mild case of doggie anxiety that causes him to pace and whine but usually the playtime or walks help.  He hasn't been around kids but I'm sure he'll do fine.  However, he would do best with older kiddos because of his size and energy.



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