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Momo  (female)

Momo (female)


Meow! I'm Momo, an 12 week-old sweetheart on a quest to find my forever home, and I've got a tail-wagging tale to share with you. Picture this: a darker brown short-haired tabby with the most irresistible big eyes and the sweetest grin you've ever seen.

I was once a little explorer, navigating the world as a stray kitten alongside my sister, Mimi. Our luck changed when a kind-hearted human swooped in to rescue us. Now, I'm ready to bring my warm purrs and charming personality to a loving home.

Oh, how I adore cuddles! Whether it's snuggling with my sister or curling up with my humans, I'm a true cuddle connoisseur. I believe there's no such thing as too much affection, and I'm always ready to shower my loved ones with warmth and purrs.

When I'm not busy being a cuddlebug, you'll find me engaged in playful antics, especially with my sister Mimi. We make the purrfect team, bringing laughter and joy wherever we go. I love being close to my humans, so get ready for some interactive playtime and endless entertainment.

My heart beats in tandem with my sister Mimi. We share an unbreakable bond, and I dream of finding a forever home where we can stay together. They say kittens do best in pairs, and trust me, Mimi and I are the dynamic duo you've been waiting for.

Currently residing in the cozy haven of my foster home, I'm growing stronger each day. Once I'm a bit bigger, I'll be getting spayed and receiving all my vaccinations to ensure I'm healthy and ready for a lifetime of love.

If you're looking for a double dose of feline charm and companionship, Mimi and I are eagerly waiting for our forever family. Reach out to our foster home, and let's arrange a magical meet-and-greet where you can witness the joy we bring firsthand.

Adopting us isn't just adding two adorable kittens to your home; it's embracing a world of love, laughter, and purrs. Can't wait to meet you and become your forever bestie!

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