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Meow! My name is Newton, and I'm here to steal your heart with my charming tuxedo looks and golden eyes that shimmer like the sun. At just 9 months old, I'm ready to embark on a lifetime of cuddles and companionship with my forever family.


You see, my journey hasn't been easy. I was abandoned by my previous family when they moved away, but that hasn't dampened my spirit one bit. Despite my past, I'm a sweet and affectionate boy who has an endless supply of purrs to share with you. I believe in second chances, and I'm ready to shower you with love and devotion.


One of my favorite pastimes? Treats! Oh, how I adore them. I'll do just about anything for a tasty treat, and I'll make sure to keep you entertained with my antics. I'm also a laid-back kitty who gets along famously with other cats. I believe in spreading love and harmony wherever I go.

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