Meet Nugget! He weighs 50 pounds and will be one in December.  He was adopted as a puppy and his family is unable to handle his puppiness, so he needs a new family.  A little about him: 
Nugget is a very loving dog. He wants to be with his owner at all times whether it’s playing or curled up right next to you on the couch. He is easy to train because he is eager to please and very food motivated. He knows sit and he knows to go to his kennel when you say ‘kennel.’ His favorite time of day is meal time and he will let you know how excited he is with a howl bark. Nugget is so patient with kids. My kids hung all over him and only occasionally would he give a little warning sound meaning stop. Never did I think he was going to bite and my two boys are rough. He is happy relaxing but does need to be entertained at times or he gets bored. He’s still a puppy so he has that puppy excitability. He is not happy when he is not with his owner so he will need someone who plans to devote a lot of time to him. Nugget is potty trained but be sure to let him out after he eats and about every 4 hours. He sleeps through the night if you feed him his second meal no later than 7pm.  The main reason he is being surrendered is for his destructive tendencies.  Kinda goes with the lab puppy territory, if you’ve ever had one.  The family had a DNA test done on him, shown in the pics.  Please fill out an application on my website