Meet Nutmeg! She is 2 years old and is housebroken and crate trained.  She is excellent with kids and dogs, no cats unfortunately.  She is a total snuggle butt and is a great inside dog! She has short legs and weighs about 50 pounds.  There is a catch with Nutmeg that has kept her from getting swept off of her feet, she’s super athletic and can jump a 6 foot privacy fence.  This means she either has to be in a yard with an invisible fence or she has to be monitored or on a tether when she’s outside.  We have had her for about 3 weeks and she’s only left twice but point is that she can.  She is outside here alone often because I can’t monitor all the dogs all day and she’s fine but FULL DISCLOSURE is my motto! Nutmeg is a very smart dog.  Yesterday she removed the pin from the lock holding her kennel together twice, I thought a child must have done it the first time but saw her do it the second time! That takes some SKILLS! She literally had to push the pin up from the bottom and get enough force to send it out the top, I’m impressed if you can’t tell.  She would make a great companion dog but wouldn’t do well being left alone all day.  


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