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Age: 4 months

Weight: 30 pounds

Location: Rescue


Oakley is a delightful 4-month-old, 30-pound heeler/terrier mix with a heart of gold. This charming pup is overflowing with playful energy and loves nothing more than spending time with people, showering them with affection and wagging his tail with joy. His intelligence shines through in his interactions, making him a quick learner and a joy to train. Oakley's gentle nature and patience make him a great companion for kids, and his love for canine pals means he's always ready for a playdate. While he's mostly potty trained, a consistent routine will help him master this skill in no time. This happy boy likes to play, but he’s an easy going pup and walks well on a leash. He’ll leap into your life and fill it with love!

Oakley's adoption fee is half off as he’s been with us either in foster or at the rescue since before Christmas!

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