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Parrot is a lively and adventurous little girl, she loves to perch on your shoulder (hence the name). She came to Charming emaciated and covered in ticks and fleas. She required medical fostering, but is now litter box trailered and transitioning to dry food famously. This little girl knows no fear and likes to cuddle up to her very large K-9 foster brothers. Parrot is also a caregiver, during the time she and her brother were sick she snuggled, held, and cleaned her brother, when we were certain he would not make it through the night. She will make a fabulous, loving, sassy addition to any home.

Both Captain Jack and Parrot will run to see you and want to be close. You will be their jungle gym, best friend, and safe place for years to come. It would be amazing for these two to stay together as they have suffered the worst of life together and made it through.

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