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Age: 2 years

Weight: 20 pounds

Location: Foster

Hi I’m Penelope and my foster calls me Penny! I’m so happy here. I love to explore the yard and play with my new chihuahua friend. I love ground chicken nom nom! I don’t know much about treats, but I know sit and stay, and I can walk nicely on leash. I’m a serious cuddle bug. I have a beautiful coat and lovely hound dog eyes that will make you adopt me once you look in them. I wag my tail a lot and love to be near people. If you want 20 pounds of love and loyalty I’m your girl. I’m a young beagle mix and like a typical hound dog, I like to follow my nose, so please don’t leave me outside unattended! I can climb a fence 😅 but I really don’t want to leave home, sometimes I just lose my way following an interesting scent!

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