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Age: 2 years

Weight: 40 pounds

Location: Rescue

Meet Poppy! This sweet 2-year-old shepherd mix is the epitome of a loving companion. Poppy has a laid-back personality that makes her a joy to be around. She adores people and is always eager to greet her favorite humans with a wagging tail and a big smile. Despite her excitement, she’s well-behaved and knows not to jump up on people.

Poppy is a bit of an observer at first, taking a few moments to assess new situations. Once she feels comfortable, though, she transforms into a happy, carefree pup, ready to explore her surroundings with enthusiasm. She’s currently thriving in the main yard at the rescue, getting along famously with the other dogs in the pack.

Weighing in at about 40 pounds, Poppy is a petite girl with a heart as big as her love for people. If you’re looking for a loving, laid-back companion to join your family, Poppy might just be the perfect match for you!

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