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Hello, potential forever family! I'm Rancy, the enchanting Siamese mix with light blue eyes that are sure to captivate your heart. Despite the lack of a fancy pedigree, my heart is brimming with love, and I'm on a journey to find a new home through no fault of my own.  One thing that we have learned is that I am not a fan of toddlers.  They scare me.  I am  a huge fan of older kids.  Once I find my person, I will follow them everywhere.

My story began in June 2017 when I was a tiny kitten exploring the world. Life took an unexpected turn, and now I'm seeking a home because my previous owner had to embark on a traveling work adventure, leaving me in search of a new haven. I'm a genuine sweetheart deserving of all the love and attention a cat like me craves. Brushing sessions and lounging in a sunlit windowsill are my favorite indulgences.

Now, when it comes to new faces, I might play the shy card initially. Being a former stray can do that to a girl. But worry not, once I'm familiar with you, I'm all about the head scratches and neck rubs. Attention is my forte, and I flaunt it proudly. On the flip side, I'm also an independent lady who values her alone time; a girl needs her space, after all.

While I haven't had the chance to interact with small children, I'm confident I'd thrive best in a home with adults and older kids who understand my boundaries. Oh, and speaking of boundaries, I've been around other fur babies and, though a bit shy at first, I adapt quickly.

In case you're wondering about my health, rest assured, I'm spayed and up to date on all my vaccines. I'm currently located at the rescue, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet you and potentially become a cherished member of your family. Ready to make me a part of your home and create some purr-fect memories together? Let's arrange a meeting and see if we're a match made in cat heaven!

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