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Age: 4 months

Weight: 17 pounds

Location: Foster

Hello my name is Rory! I am a 4 month old puppy and I currently weigh 17 pounds. My foster family sent off my DNA to Embark to get a better guess at the question of what am I?! As it turns out, I am mostly a German Shepherd! That must be why I am so smart. I am very treat motivated to learn new things! I know things like “sit” and I am working diligently on “heel.” I spend most of my day playing with my favorite toys or my foster brother, Louie! If you have a dog in your home already that I could play with that would be wonderful! Once I’ve got my puppy energy out I am happy to curl up on the couch for a good snuggle session. I love meeting new people but when my foster mom takes me out at night I am on high alert! I am getting better each day at asking to go potty, soon I will be fully potty trained! I sleep in my crate at night without a peep. I’m ready to find my forever family!

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