Hello! My name is Ruby but I answer to new dog/ girl girl/or whatever you want to rename me! You would not believe what a great dog I am! I get along with other dogs, I sleep on my bed all night, am totally house broken and shoot through the doggie door to do my business outside. However, my specialities are playing with throw toys ( I get a little carried away with soft toys and love them to death), zooming around the yard and walking-did I say I LOVE TO WALK! One of my endearing qualities is an unusual yawn upon waking in the morning. I know and obey-sit/down/ no. I so want a new home so that I can follow my mom and/or dad from room to room to be beside them just in case they need to give out some pets. I’m a GREAT dog—please PICK ME to love you. I am about 2 years old and weigh 45 pounds.


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