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Age: 8 years

Weight: 43 pounds

Location: Foster

Meet Ruthie! She is 8 years old and weighs about 43 pounds. I think she looks like a Dalmatian mix but she has double dew claws like a great Pyrenese! We know from seeing sooo many DNA tests that she’s probably 10 breeds but if you want my best guess, there it is! Ruthie was found stray and came to us about 3 weeks ago. She was super shut down at the rescue and we thought maybe she didn’t feel well so she went to the vet and her bloodwork came back great! She’s healthy, but she was sad, so I brought her home to foster her. She has been SO GOOD with all of our other 7 dogs, boys and girls, large and small, PLUSSSS she’s GOOD WITH THE CAT! She hasn’t had a single accident and we’ve left her out for short periods of time while we are gone and she’s been perfect! She loves to sleep and snuggle and she’s way happier here in a home with people! She would make a very easy addition to any family!

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