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Age: 7 months

Weight: 35 pounds

Location: Foster

Meet Scout, the playful white and brown pup who is always ready for a good time! At about seven months old, and 35 pounds, Scout is full of energy and loves to play with toys and other dogs. His joyful spirit makes him an excellent candidate for a family dog, as he thrives on being around anything that moves.

Scout is both crate and potty trained, making him a well-behaved addition to any home. One of Scout's funniest quirks is his ability to nap anywhere when he's tired. Whether he's been playing outside or just finished a meal, Scout knows it's time to rest and will head straight to his crate for a long snooze.

Being around other dogs truly brings out the best in Scout. If you're looking for a happy, playful, and easygoing companion, Scout is the perfect pup for you!

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