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Age: 1 year

Weight: 53 pounds

Location: Foster

Hi my name is Sibylle,

I am a 1 year old, 53lb terrier mix. My coat is super soft; with an amazing color and I have the most adorable ears! I am currently being fostered by a family that has two little humans and a male dog.

Things I LOVE:

- playing fetch

- Toys, balls and more toys and balls.

- A nice comfy spot to sleep

- Laying in a frog pose

- Dogs and humans, but especially little humans.

- Getting exercise

- Car rides

Things I’m GOOD at:

- Not going potty in the house

- Having great house manners

- Not barking

- Not jumping

- Sleeping through the night

- Staying in a kennel (but only if I have to)

- Getting along with everyone

- Naps

- Giving loves and snuggling

- Eating my meals

Things I am WORKING on:

- walking on a leash

- Leaving my foster dog brother alone when he is tired

- Mastering the sit, shake & down.

I am a very good girl especially if I get to explore outside and play fetch. My foster mom tells me I’m very smart too because I’ve already learned how to sit, shake and lay down! I do love my foster family, but I would really love my own forever home!

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