This is Tank, he is a black/brindle lab mix, he is 8 months old and neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is around 48lbs. He is mostly Housetrained, good with new people but does sometimes jump. He has a high activity/energy level he needs lot of exercise and time to play. He does sometimes vocalize when he wants to play or wants more of love. He is leash-trained but does sometimes pull when he sees people or other dogs and wants to go play. He does really well in a car and is crate trained. Loves all toys and loves to play fetch he does only get to have harder toys because he likes to chew up rope toys. I am unsure of if he is good with farm animals or swimming. He loves cuddling and being affectionate. He is eager to please and is very smart but does have a short attention span. He is very even tempered and gentle. He is around kids ages of 8 months-2 year and is amazing with them. He is good with dogs of all sizes and genders. He is very goofy and makes some of the funniest faces. He needs someone who will be able to take him outside to run and play. He is good as an only dog if no other dogs are in the home and good with other dogs. He is not hypoallergenic.