Sweet little Tippy is about 12 years old, she was found stray, which is about the saddest thing because this girl knows where her couch is, so I feel like she was dumped.  Tippy is always smiling! She especially likes my husband, I call these dogs “man dogs”, she goes outside to go potty, she will go into a crate but she doesn’t want to.  At night when we start locking up the dogs she hides, in plain sight, so I’ve just been letting her sleep in the house.  She’s a good girl.  Tippy has some allergies so we are giving her apoquil for that and she appreciates it.  Tippy wants and needs what every dog wants and needs; she wants a family to give her love and a soft doggie bed to sleep on about 90% of the day.  Tippy is one that will get passed up because people want to protect themselves from the heartache of losing a dog too soon, and while yes, I get that, I still think it’s sad.  You will never know the joy of giving someones piece of trash, old dumped dog, the best few years of their life, until you do it!!! It’s really a great experience, for both of you! Please share Tippy ⭐️


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