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Age: 7+ years

Weight: 46 pounds

Location: Foster

Meet Venus, the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! This German Shepherd mix, around 7 years old and 46 pounds, is a delight in every way. Venus walks like a dream on a leash, responds to “leave it” and comes when called (not by her name, but by the word “come”). She’s friendly with both dogs and humans, and loves to share her space with her furry or human friends. Venus adores kids and is known to be a quiet girl who rarely barks.

Recently, Venus underwent dental surgery to remove 11 teeth due to breakage, likely from attempting to escape a crate. She has a strong aversion to being crated alone and would thrive with a friend by her side. She does amazing out of a kennel though and doesn’t cause any mischief. Venus can’t resist a good belly rub and is completely potty trained.

She’s an active and happy girl. If you’re looking for a loving companion who will fill your life with joy, Venus is the perfect match!

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