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Age: 3 years

Weight: 10 pounds

Location: Rescue

Meet Whimsy! She’s an adorable little pug mix about 3 years old and 10 pounds. Whimsy is a feisty little lady with so much love to give.  She’s energetic and loves to play fetch with toys and run. She’s a dream on a leash, always looking for your clues about what to do next. She’s very eager to please and obedient. l do not think she’d had any exposure to potty training, but she’s learning quickly that when we go outside, we go potty. When she does go potty inside, it’s usually on a pee pad. She doesn’t love getting into her crate, but once there settles down quickly and sleeps a solid 8 hours in the crate with no issues. She hardly ever barks. She does need work on resource guarding from other dogs: food, people, favorite lounging  spots and - to a lesser extent - toys. But with the right home, she’s sure to thrive!

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