Whatcha mean we are RESCUE puppies? Am not! We are so like obviously pedigree, just look at our mama?!?! She’s a purebred Queen of the whole world and I don’t know our daddy but I happen to know that he was the King of the road..... I don’t know what “the road” is, but mama said he was king of it so, just call us prince and princesses of The Road!  There are NINE of us and we are 8 weeks old now!
We are doing amazing in a home where a lady tends to our every need, cause DUH we are royals.  We poop just like, random..... anywhere and here she comes to scoop it.  Ya, that’s right..... scoop the Royal poop! So what we are looking for is to take this “life” and kick it up a notch.  Ya, I think life is amazing now but something tells me, we haven’t tapped out! And I’m sayin...... puppies..... we are going HIGHER! To the top! I’m talking, KIDS! FETCHING! LAKES! SNUGGLES! I am goin for alllll this.  If you can give this to us and maybe MORE? Cause MORE IS MORE!!! 🐾🐾🥰 
We are located in Boerne Texas but can be transported.  Female pup.

Whiteout (R)

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