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We've received your submission.

We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if we're able to help your animal.


Please know we cannot help every animal due to funding and resource limitations. All of our pets in our foster program receive vetting (shots, spay/neuter, microchip) and supplies through us for free, as needed. The agreement you filled out is for you to foster your pet/stray until they are adopted through us.


We get many requests every day and unfortunately cannot help every animal in need. Please review and print the below terms you agreed to on the contract in case you need to reference them later.

Owner/Stray Surrender Foster Agreement


By electronically signing this contract, you surrender full ownership of your pet to Charming Pet Rescue if we accept it into our adoption program.  If you find someone who wants to adopt the pet, they must adhere to our procedures, which is first an application, second approval, and third our adoption fee. Under no circumstances are you permitted to give the dog away. If you find this unfair, we respect that, and you are welcome to go find help elsewhere.  


You agree to foster the animal until an adoptive home is found through our process. We cannot take over care of the animal at our facility. We are always operating at max capacity and must prioritize animals that in dire situations that need our help.


If you have paid for the pets shots and spay/neuter, that’s great! The full adoption fee still goes to Charming Pet Rescue. We are a 501c3 rescue with a lot of expenses beyond vetting. If we post a pet on our website as well as our affiliate websites, your pet gets the access to being seen by thousands of people searching for a family pet with our reputable rescue. We spend our time marketing your pet and reviewing applications to make sure the pet is only going to the best of the best of homes.


Filling out this form does not mean your pet will be accepted into our program. We have to review each individual case to determine where we can help. We have limited funds and resources available in order to keep the rescue going. However, once we accept your animal into our adoption program, it is legally considered our property and you must adhere to our policies and procedures. You cannot give an animal away without our knowledge and consent.

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