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Silver Paws Application

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Thank you for your interest in adopting through the Silver Paws & Senior Hearts program! This program is only for people 55+ adopting a pet age 7+. Please fill out the form completely, and you will hear from us as soon as possible. 

Have you ever given a pet away?
Are you aware that pets have emotional needs and can suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, stress, etc?

Please read the following agreement:

By submitting this application, you agree to let Charming Pet Rescue verify information provided, as well as contact veterinarian and personal references. The Silver Paws & Senior Hearts program does not require an adoption fee, and Charming Pet Rescue retains ownership of the animal. Charming Pet Rescue provides supplies and covers approved vet care--must be approved by the rescue director in advance. If the senior person who adopts the animal passes or is no longer able to care for the animal, it will return to Charming Pet Rescue and the person's family members receive the first right of adopting the animal. 

This is not an agreement to hold an animal, you must enter into an adoption agreement/contract with Charming Pet Rescue to finalize the adoption. Charming Pet Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption that we feel is not in the best interest of the animal. By submitting the above information, you understand that omission of information and/or failure to answer all questions may result in this application being declined. Also, if an omission or untruth is discovered after an adoption is finalized, you understand that Charming Pet Rescue reserves the right to reclaim the adopted animal(s).

In addition, you understand that the adoption decision is dependent on many factors including, but not limited to, the compatibility of the family and home of the individual animal, and other applications received on this animal. You understand that it is Charming Pet Rescue's prerogative to decide which home is most appropriate and that our decision is final. Unless otherwise indicated by Charming Pet Rescue, you understand that you are free to apply and undergo the application process in the future should this application be declined at this time. 

Should you be approved, this also serves as the adoption contract and you agree the the following: 

CHARMING PET RESCUE ADOPTION CONTRACT *As an adopter, I understand that I am committed to this animal for his/her life and I agree to abide by these adoption conditions. * For and in consideration of the covenants and agreements contained herein, including the full and continuous compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement by the adopter as follows: 

1) I will not keep the pet outside all the time. I will keep her/him as an inside / outside pet. I understand that the pet will be mostly inside and will ONLY go outside for exercise and brief recreation. 

2) I will keep the pet on preventive heartworm/flea medications for the life span of the pet. This medication will be provided by Charming Pet Rescue.

3) I will give lots of love and attention to the pet, understanding that dogs are pack animals and views his new family as his pack.  THIS is why keeping a dog as an “outdoor dog” Charming Pet Rescue views as cruel. 

4) I also understand that if for ANY REASON I can no longer care for or want this pet; I will contact Charming Pet Rescue and will surrender the pet back into their care.  

5) I also understand that Charming Pet Rescue has told me all of the medical, behavioral, habits, personality, etc… about the pet to the best of their ability, and if I have any further questions, concerns, or want / need advice about the pets – I will contact: Hilary Woodworth (210-843-8326

6) I also understand that I release all liability against Charming Pet Rescue for any medical conditions, behavioral problems, etc… that may arise after I have adopted the pet. 

7) I agree to keep an identification tag attached to a properly fitted collar which will remain on the adopted animal at all times, whether inside or outside of the house.

8) I understand that any failure to perform the foregoing agreement will constitute a breach of contract. In the event of any such breach of contract, I authorize Charming Pet Rescue to reclaim both possession and ownership of the adopted pet. 

9) The Adopter(s) agrees to keep this animal as a pet and family companion; it is NEVER to be used as a guard dog or as an outside only pet!

10) I also agree to accept this animal as is, and from this day forward, assume all risks and responsibilities for any damages to property, person or other animals that it may cause.


11)  I fully release, indemnify and hold harmless Charming Pet Rescue, its directors, officers, volunteers and agents from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort regarding this pet. 

12) Charming Pet Rescue makes no guarantee or warranty as to the age or health of this animal. 

13) I understand that Charming Pet Rescue has told me if this pet is in the process of being house broken or has been fully house broken by Charming Pet Rescue. That being stated, I also understand that there is an adjustment period allowed to each pet and if the first few days to weeks the pet may have accidents in his or her new home due to anxiety or simply the newness of their situation. I agree to work with my new pet through this time. ​ 

14) I understand that there is an adjustment period that my new pet will go through and he or she might show behaviors that will fade over the next few days or weeks that I agree to be patient with.  (This excludes biting a human person. In this case, I agree to notify Charming Pet Rescue immediately!) ​ 

15) I understand that Charming Pet Rescue will provide the following for the pet(s) I adopt:

Collar, Leash, Bed/Crate, Identification Tag, Food, Medication (if/when needed) Transportation to and from Veterinarian visits if/when required.  

16) I understand that I need to contact Charming Pet Rescue at (210) 843-8326 if any need arises for the pet(s) to see a veterinarian.  We use specific veterinarians in the area and only those can be used. If any other veterinarian is used, or if any appointment is not pre-approved by Charming Pet Rescue (other than an emergency), services performed will NOT be paid by Charming Pet Rescue.  If necessary, Charming Pet Rescue will set up the appointment and provide transportation to and from said appointment.


17) I understand that adoption with transportation is within a 10 mile radius of Charming Pet Rescue.  Any senior adopter outside that area must have transportation for the pet(s) to/from vet and other appointments. If, at any time, they do not have transportation available the pet(s) will be returned to Charming Pet Rescue.

18) I understand that this agreement ends upon death of either adopter or pet(s). However, the family of the adopter has first right of refusal to adopt the pet(s) but they will be then be responsible for total care of the pet(s) if approved.

19) I understand that if Charming Pet Rescue ceases to exist for any reason the pet(s) will then become the property of the adopter and this contract will become null and void.  Meaning the adopter has full responsibility of care from that point on.  You will be notified well I advance of this happening with the option to return the pet(s) to Charming Pet Rescue or another rescue approved by Charming Pet Rescue.

RETURN POLICY: THE ADOPTER(S) is expected to be in contact with Charming Pet Rescue via email or phone to let us know if the adoption is not going well.  If you are unhappy with your pet, Charming Pet Rescue will gladly accept him or her back into the rescue. ** I certify that the information I supplied in the adoption application and adoption contract is true and I understand that providing false & misleading information may or will result in the nullification of this adoption. I have read and understand all the terms of this agreement.** *This agreement is the entire agreement and may not be changed or modified except by writing signed by both parties. In the event that any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid, the rest of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect. This agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.*

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