So you decided to adopt from Charming Pet Rescue and are in another state! That's amazing and we THANK YOU!!!


Here is basically how it works, and it does work! We have an amazing success rate! In the beginning I had 3 dogs, sent individually, not work out in their homes and I learned from each of those experiences. In the past few years we are at 100% matching success rate. We ask, actually BEG, that if any any point during the process, even up until walking down the isle, if you will, that you feel it’s already a regret, please let us know and no hard feelings. We want what’s best for our dogs. They’ve already been through so much and we want their next leap to be their final leap! We do our best to give you all of the information you will need to make a formal and educated decision as if you have met the dog in person. We can send videos and pictures to your delight! Just say when! We are 100% honest and upfront about all behaviors the dogs exhibit, again, wanting the best and most perfect fit. Withholding information would jeopardize our goal for our dogs so please be certain, honesty is our policy. We are committed to our dogs. 


We do not begin to look into transporting your dog until the adoption is final, but once your application has been approved and the adoption fee plus transportation fee has been paid, which is combined $450, we start looking right away!

We work with several reputable dog transport companies that leave throughout the month and will find the one that can get to you the quickest!

Texas Chihuahua Rescue

Ride 4 Rescue

Your Texas Rescue Connection

Connie’s K9 Convoy

All of the dogs travel with their vetting showing they have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heart-worm tested and micro-chipped (some may vary) and have a health certificate. Delivery of your dog will depend on the company bringing the dog to you, but will be convenient, and the exact time won’t be determined until a few days before they leave because of add on/drop off passengers.


All of the transports use large white vans, they stack kennels to the ceiling and the dogs are loaded onto the vans. Their are 2 drivers that alternate driving and sleeping, they don’t stop for the night. They stop every 6 hours to clean the kennels and give each dog a potty break. You will need to bring a slip leash with you, so that their collar doesn’t pop off of their head in the parking lot. The dogs do get stressed out during the transition but are well taken care of. Please read the attached articles on decompression after transporting and adopting a rescue dog. Thank you for adopting!!!

To find out how to best integrate your new pup into your family please read YOUR NEW DOG

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