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Our Mission


​We are committed to providing rescue, rehabilitation and new loving homes for dogs and cats that have been living on the street or abandoned and at risk in high kill shelters, and to educating the public on the importance of fixing their pets to reduce the overwhelming pet overpopulation problem.

Our Vision


To continue to reduce the pet overpopulation problem with the help of volunteers, donors and adopters to rescue, vaccinate, sterilize and re-home over 1,000 pets each year.

About Us


We're a home-based rescue, so there's always someone around to care for the dogs and cats in our care. Most of our dogs are allowed to roam the main yard (as long as they behave themselves), and we have several food and water stations throughout. Every evening, the dogs are tucked into our kennel building with soft bedding. We also have around 50 foster homes that house our animals not located on the property.


We also have two separate nursery buildings for mamas and puppies or kittens to stay safe and healthy. Our sick bay quarantines any dogs that get an illness or injury that requires special care and separation from the pack. Each of these additions has a/c and heat as needed to keep them comfortable.


Since we began in March of 2015, we've worked on adding improvements each year to make life as good as possible for the dogs and cats during their (hopefully) short stay with us.

Our focus is family-friendly pets who get along with everyone. Of course, we sometimes don't know a pets temperament until we meet, but we work hard to ensure pets are going to the right homes for them.

Area Served


We serve Boerne and San Antonio, but focus on Kendall County abandoned pets. We take pets from: owner surrender, stray off the street, or from kill shelters including Animal Care Services (ACS), Guadalupe County Shelter, Seguin Animal Services and Kerrville Shelter. We also have partnerships with other no-kill shelters like Canyon Lake Shelter to help out if we need to transfer dogs that aren't being adopted.

Adoption Numbers


2o22: Found homes for more than 1,018 animals

2021: Found homes for more than 650 animals (2 months we couldn't do any intake)

2020: Found homes for more than 680 animals


We've been in operation since 2015, but didn't keep clear records until 2020. We're proud to have found forever homes for thousands of animals over the years, and we continue to improve all aspects of our rescue facility and how we operate. Our adoption numbers have steadily increased every year with a dip in 2021 due to a distemper outbreak many other rescues were also experiencing. We expect 2022 to break our record!


Hospice fosters: We have 8-10 dogs in hospice at a time. These are dogs with ailments we cannot treat or due to old age, we're keeping them as comfortable as possible until they pass or until their suffering becomes too great and we choose humane euthanasia. A hospice home is a permanent foster where we take care of the cost of all supplies and vetting.

Euthanasia Policy

We are a no-kill rescue, so we don't put down animals just because they're old or take a while to get adopted. We are committed to reducing the kill rate at local shelters and working toward making San Antonio a no-kill city. Pets are only euthanized if it is deemed medically or behaviorally necessary as outlined below.


  • Medical Mercy Euthanasia: The pet is deemed to be suffering due to medical ailments as judged by the rescue Director and our partner vets at Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic. We do not believe in prolonging life just because we can, so we carefully evaluate a pet's quality of life when making this decision, and we do not take it lightly. We consider any potential treatments available and determine the likelihood of improvement to the animal's quality of life.

  • Behavioral Risk Euthanasia: The pet is deemed to be a risk to others after demonstrating aggressive behavior (bites a person unprovoked, severely injures or kills another animal), and it would be irresponsible to re-home the animal. We make every effort to find the right home for an animal that might need a unique situation due to fear or behavior, but when an animal consistently displays behaviors that will directly put others at risk, we humanely euthanize the animal. These cases are evaluated and outcome determined by the rescue Director and our partner vets at Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic.


Any pet under our care that meets one of these criteria is humanely euthanized by the staff at our veterinary partner, Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic.

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