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Do we need volunteers?
Yes! Always! We need volunteers scheduled to come a certain day each week to help feed, water, care for the dogs and cats, and clean. We also need volunteers to walk dogs, take photos and write bios to help dogs and cats get adopted. Would you like to help by applying to grants? Please! We need you! Would you like to help out at events? We need you! Anything you can think of we'd need to run a growing rescue is something we need.

Interested in fostering? 
Fostering helps save lives! Fostering is free--we provide a kennel, food, and all medical needs for the foster dog or cat. The average time of fostering is 2-4 weeks. We have young and old, large and small, and can find a foster that will fit smoothly into your home! Please fill out the application below. If you don't hear back from us within a week, please reach out to our foster coordinator at!

New fosters: 
Read our Foster Protocol which should answer any fostering question you have, and then join our foster Facebook page after you've applied to foster!

Foster Protocol

Charming Foster Facebook Page - Join after you fill out the foster application! It's a private group only for approved fosters.

How to Foster a Pregnant Mama Dog: Pregnant Mama Dog Protocol

Contract for Fostering Mother & Puppies 



Orphan Kitten Handbook

Cat pregnancy timeline:

Cat Pregnancy:

Also note: Cats will stop the labor if they feel vulnerable to their environment as if a predator is stalking them it will cause all of them to die. It's good to have a pet cam in there. 

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