We answer a lot of questions frequently, so we wanted to combine those answers and resources here to make it easier for you!

How do I apply to adopt one of your dogs?

Visit our "Adopt" tab and fill out the adoption application and contract, or fill it out by clicking here.

How do I volunteer with your rescue?

We'd love to have you volunteer with us! We need people on the weekly schedule to commit to coming to take care of the dogs a day or two each week--duties include feeding, watering and cleaning. We also need people to walk the dogs, take pictures, and write bios. Dogs also need to travel to and from vet appointments or to meet their transport van, so we need drivers! Basically if you have a skill or some time, we'd love to have you! Please contact us​ to get started. You can also print and fill out the volunteer waiver by clicking here.

How do I become a foster for your rescue?

We're so excited to have you save a dog's life by fostering for us. We need fosters who can help dogs learn home life or just be temporary fosters for dogs scheduled to leave on transports. Please fill out the foster application and contract by clicking here.

How do I surrender a dog to you?

Please fill out the Owner Surrender form by clicking here.

I need help with my new dog!

You're not alone. Please be assured that it's normal for dogs not to eat or potty much during the first few days in a new home. They might be scared and they just need time to adjust to a new environment. Please check out the resources below to help answer some other common questions.